ypmatch - Windows command-line utility to display the values of one or more keys from a Network Information Service (NIS) map


ypmatch [-k] [-t] [-d domain] [-h nisServer] key[...] mapname
ypmatch -x


The ypmatch(1w) Windows command-line utility displays the values one or more keys from the Network Information Service (NIS) map specified by mapname, which may be a map name or a map nickname.

The ypmatch command accepts the following options and arguments:

Displays map keys. This option is useful with maps in which the values are null or the key is not part of the value.
Inhibits map nickname translation.
-d domain
Specifies the NIS domain. If this option is not used, the NIS domain is assumed to be the domain named in the DEFAULT_NIS_DOMAIN environment variable.
-h nisServer
Specifies the name of the NIS server. If this option is not used, the NIS server is assumed to be the server named in the NIS_SERVER environment variable. If NIS_SERVER is not set, ypmatch broadcasts the request.
The key for which you want to display the value. To display the value of more than one key, specify the keys separated by spaces. If any key begins with a slash mark (/), backslash (\) or hyphen (-), these special characters must be preceded by a backslash (\). For example, if the key name is \mykey, then use \\mykey.
Displays the map nickname translation table.

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