Setting UNIX passwords to special values

You can set the password for a UNIX user to a special value, such as NP (no password) or * (no login) without affecting the user's Windows password. To do this, use the nismap command to change the Network Information Service (NIS) password entry for specific user, as follows:

  • To set password to no password (usually a blank):

    nismap mod -e "username::uid:gid:gecos:/home/username:/login_shell" -k username passwd

  • To set password to * (no logon):

    nismap mod -e "username:*:uid:gid:gecos:/home/username:/login_shell" -k username passwd

  • To set password to *LK* (locked):

    nismap mod -e "username:*LK*:uid:gid:gecos:/home/username:/login_shell" -k username passwd

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