Pushing map updates immediately

In Network Information Service (NIS), whenever a change is made to map data, administrators run make to make corresponding changes to the NIS database. Typically, as a part of this process, make also propagates the changes to subordinate (also known as slave) servers through yppush. This provides a way for administrators to push changes immediately to subordinate servers.

Because Server for NIS does not use make to make changes to the database, it provides an explicit yppush command to immediately propagate changes to UNIX-based subordinate servers. Server for NIS also provides a command in the Identity Management for UNIX management console to immediately push maps to subordinate NIS servers.

Note that you can use yppush to push changes only to subordinate NIS servers running on UNIX. Because Server for NIS uses Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to store data, both master and subordinate servers running Windows operating systems share the same replicated AD DS database. Changes to AD DS are immediately propagated to other Servers for NIS. Thus, it is not necessary to use yppush to push changes to subordinate NIS servers running Windows operating systems.

For information about propagating maps immediately, see Propagate selected maps now and Propagate changed maps now.

For information about using yppush, see yppush.