To provide users access to virtual desktops through RemoteApp and Desktop Connection, Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RD Connection Broker) must be correctly configured to use the servers that are required to support virtual desktops. The required servers are the following:


Virtual desktops include virtual machines in virtual desktop pools and personal virtual desktops.

In the Remote Desktop Connection Manager tool, you can configure RD Connection Broker to use these servers by doing either of the following:


Before you run the Configure Virtual Desktops Wizard or manually specify the servers, ensure that these servers have been installed and are available on the network. For more information, see Configuring an Environment to Support RemoteApp and Desktop Connection.

For information about the Configure Virtual Desktops Wizard, see Run the Configure Virtual Desktops Wizard.

For information about manually specifying the servers, see the following topics:

For information about other virtual desktop settings, see Configuring Virtual Desktop Settings.

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