This checklist shows the steps that are required to configure RD Web Access to make RemoteApp programs available through RemoteApp and Desktop Connection.


RD Web Access can also be configured to provide users access to virtual desktops through RemoteApp and Desktop Connection. For more information, see the Remote Desktop Connection Manager Help in Windows Server 2008 R2.

Task Reference

Configure RemoteApp programs on one or more Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host) servers in your environment.

Configuring RemoteApp Programs

Enable RemoteApp programs for RD Web Access.

Enable RemoteApp Programs for Remote Desktop Web Access

Install the RD Web Access role service on the server that you want users to connect to over the Web to access RemoteApp programs.

Install the Remote Desktop Web Access Role Service

Add the computer account of the RD Web Access server to the TS Web Access Computers group on the RD Session Host server.

Populate the TS Web Access Computers Security Group

Specify the source that provides the RemoteApp programs that will be available through RemoteApp and Desktop Connection.

Configure the RD Web Access Server for RemoteApp and Desktop Connection

After you complete this checklist, users can access the RD Web Access Web site from an intranet. To make the RD Web Access Web site available from the Internet, see Checklist: Make RemoteApp Programs Available from the Internet.


The RD Web Access Web site is automatically configured to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with a self-signed certificate. By default, the self-signed certificate is not a trusted certificate, and self-signed certificates are recommended only for testing and evaluation purposes. For more information about configuring the RD Web Access Web site to use a trusted certificate, such as a certificate issued by a trusted public certification authority (CA), see Remote Desktop Web Access Security.