You should back up your Remote Desktop license server regularly by using the Windows Server Backup tool or the backup software deployed in your environment. This helps protect your licensing data from accidental loss if your system experiences hardware or storage failure.

When backing up a license server, back up both the System State data and the folder in which the RD Licensing database is installed. This ensures that data in both the registry and the RD Licensing database is backed up.


You can use Review Configuration to find in which folder the RD Licensing database is installed. For more information about Review Configuration, see Review the Configuration of a Remote Desktop License Server.

If you restore the System State data and the RD Licensing database to the same license server computer, any un-issued licenses are restored correctly as long as you have not replaced the operating system on the computer. If you do not restore to the same computer, any un-issued licenses that are detected are not restored and an event appears in the system log of Event Viewer. You can still restore the un-issued licenses by contacting the Microsoft Clearinghouse by phone and requesting that the licenses be reissued.