For RD Gateway to function correctly, you must meet these prerequisites:

Role, role service, and feature dependencies

To function correctly, RD Gateway requires several role services and features to be installed and running. When you use Server Manager to install the RD Gateway role service, the following additional roles, role services, and features are automatically installed and started, if they are not already installed:

  • Remote procedure call (RPC) over HTTP Proxy

  • Web Server (IIS) [Internet Information Services]

    IIS must be installed and running for the RPC over HTTP Proxy feature to function.

  • Network Policy and Access Services

    You can also configure RD Gateway to use Remote Desktop connection authorization policies (RD CAPs) that are stored on another server that runs the Network Policy Server (NPS) service. By doing this, you are using the server running NPS, formerly known as a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server, to centralize the storage, management, and validation of RD CAPs. If you have already deployed a server running NPS for remote access scenarios such as VPN and dial-up networking, using the existing server running NPS for RD Gateway scenarios as well can enhance your deployment.

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