After you install the RD Gateway role service and open Remote Desktop Gateway Manager on that server, by default, Remote Desktop Gateway Manager will display the details for that server.

If you plan to manage a remote RD Gateway server, membership in the Administrators group, or equivalent, on the RD Gateway server that you plan to manage remotely, is the minimum required to complete this procedure. Specifically, you must log on to the local computer with a domain account that is a member of the Administrators group or equivalent, on the RD Gateway server that you plan to manage remotely. Alternatively, you can open Remote Desktop Gateway Manager while logged on under such an account. Review details about using the appropriate accounts and group memberships at

To manage a Remote Desktop Gateway server
  1. On the RD Gateway server, open Remote Desktop Gateway Manager. To open Remote Desktop Gateway Manager, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, point to Remote Desktop Services, and then click Remote Desktop Gateway Manager.

  2. In the Remote Desktop Gateway Manager console tree, right-click Remote Desktop Gateway Manager, and then click Connect to RD Gateway Server.

  3. In the Add an RD Gateway Server to Manage dialog box, specify whether to connect to a local server or to a remote server by doing either of the following:

    • To connect to a local RD Gateway server, click Local Server (the server this snap-in console is running on).

    • To connect to a remote RD Gateway server, enter the name of the RD Gateway server that you want to connect to in the Remote server box. Alternatively, click Browse to select the RD Gateway server, and in the Select Computer dialog box, specify the domain in which the server is located, specify all or part of the server name, and then click OK to close the Select Computer dialog box.

  4. Click OK.