By using the Security Configuration Wizard (SCW), you can create firewall rules to allow this computer to send traffic to or receive traffic from programs, system services, computers, or users. Firewall rules can be created to take one of three actions for all connections that match the rule's criteria: allow the connection, only allow a connection that is secured through the use of Internet Protocol security (IPsec), or explicitly block the connection.

Use the View list to filter the rules that are displayed. The choices for displaying rules are:

  • All Rules. Rules included in all other categories.

  • Rules from Selected Roles. Rules that exist in the Security Configuration Database and that are installed and selected in SCW. The rules are enabled or disabled as appropriate for the selected roles and options.

  • Rules Added by the User in SCW. Rules that are defined by the administrator in SCW. This list does not include rules from selected roles.

  • Rules Auto-Generated by SCW. Rules that are automatically generated for unknown applications or services.

  • Rules with Additional Restrictions. Rules that have been restricted by using the Edit Rule dialog box. Restrictions can be added to any rule and modified or removed by clicking Edit.

As your IT environment changes, you can change, create, or delete rules.

Click Add to add a new rule, or select a rule and click Edit to edit or remove an existing rule.