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Current schema master (online)

If the schema master is not online, this item states "Current schema master (offline)," and the value is ERROR. If you change the holder of the schema operations master role (also known as flexible single master operations or FSMO) while the schema master is offline, you must follow the directions for seizing the schema master role, which is different from transferring the role. Seizing the schema master role is a serious operation that should be attempted only if you cannot transfer the role. Before you seize the schema master role, read about the implications of this action in the Operations Masters Technical Reference ( Then, follow the instructions in Seize the operations master role (

Targeted schema FSMO holder

The domain controller in this box must be different from the current schema master. If this domain controller name is the same as the name in Current schema master (online), you must use the Change Active Directory Domain Controller command to change the snap-in focus to the domain controller that you want to become the schema master.


Click to transfer from the current schema master to the target domain controller.

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