This topic provides solutions for some common issues that you may encounter for Shadow Copies of Shared Folders. For in-depth troubleshooting information for events and errors, see

What problem are you having?

The event log is filled with the error Event ID: 7001.
  • Cause: A volume that was scheduled to be shadow copied has been removed or is unavailable. Task Scheduler is attempting the task and every time the task fails, it writes an error to the event log.

  • Solution: Delete the scheduled task using Task Scheduler. If you are removing a volume that is being shadow copied, delete the scheduled task before deleting the volume so the event log does not fill with errors.

Shadow copies are being deleted, but I still have plenty of storage space available.
  • Cause: There is a limit of 64 shadow copies per volume that can be stored.

  • Solution: Adjust the schedule for creating shadow copies to a rate that retains an appropriate history of the files without reaching the limit of 64 shadow copies.