Dialog box element Description

Route IP packets on this interface

Specifies whether IP routing, the forwarding of IP packets from one routing interface to another, is enabled on this interface. You must enable IP routing in order for LAN and demand-dial routing to occur.

Add a user account so a remote router can dial in

Any user calling the RRAS server must be authenticated and authorized. Authentication is based on the caller's set of credentials that are passed during the connection establishment process. The credentials that are passed must correspond to a user account. Authorization is granted based on the dial-in permission of the user account and network policies.

Send a plain-text password if that is the only way to connect

Use this option if the remote router does not support encryption or the type of encryption supported by the local router.

Use scripting to complete the connection with the remote router

Scripts can be used to automate the logon process and other connection tasks.

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