Dialog box element Description

Demand dial

Specifies that an idle time disconnect setting is used for nonpermanent dial-up connections.

Idle time before hanging up

Lists the available time periods for the idle time setting. The remote router that is called also has an idle time setting, which may be shorter than the setting here. In that case, the remote router will disconnect an idle connection before the time you set here.

Persistent connection

Specifies that the demand-dial connection is always in a connected state. The connection is established when RRAS is started and is never disconnected by the calling router.

Redial attempts

Type the number of times to automatically redial the phone number. You can also click the arrows to select the number of redial attempts.

Average redial intervals

Lists the available time periods to wait between redial attempts.


Click to configure callback settings.

PPP settings

Click to configure settings for Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connections.

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