Use this tab to enable the interface to listen for multicast heartbeat network packets for a specified multicast group.

Dialog box element Description

Enable multicast heartbeat detection

Specifies whether the router listens for a regular multicast notification that is sent to a configured IP multicast group address to verify that IP multicast connectivity is available on the network. Multicast heartbeat listens for a periodic multicast announcement to a specified group address. If the announcement is not received by the quiet time, the router sets the multicast heartbeat status on the configured interface to inactive. The multicast heartbeat status for the interface can be polled by a program to provide notification that the multicast heartbeat is no longer present.

Multicast heartbeat group

The IP address (in dotted decimal notation) of the multicast group.

Quiet time before alerting (minutes)

The number of minutes the router waits before setting the multicast heartbeat status on the interface to inactive.

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