Use this tab to configure the servers from which Routing Information Protocol (RIP) accepts routing updates. RIP updates from servers that are not approved are ignored.

Dialog box element Description

Accept announcements from all routers

Specifies that announcements from all routers are accepted. This is the default.

Accept announcements from listed routers only

Specifies that only announcements from the routers listed are accepted. Any announcements from routers that are not on the list are ignored. Use this option to accept RIP announcements only from specified RIP routers.

Ignore announcements from all listed routers

Specifies that announcements from the routers listed are ignored. Announcements from all other routers are accepted. Use this option to exclude the announcements from specified RIP routers.

Router IP address

The IP address of the router. Type an address and click Add to place it in the list. Select an existing address and click Remove to delete an entry.


Lists the IP addresses of the RIP routers that you have added.

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