Use this dialog box to configure options for Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connections.

Dialog box element Description

Enable LCP extensions

Specifies whether Link Control Protocol (LCP) extensions are enabled. LCP extensions may cause problems when you call servers with older PPP software. If persistent problems occur, clear the check box.

If you clear the check box, LCP cannot send Time-Remaining and Identification packets and request callback during the LCP negotiation of PPP.

Enable software compression

Specifies whether software compression is enabled.

Network Connections offers software data compression in addition to support for modem compression. Therefore, you do not have to turn on modem compression to benefit from faster throughput.

Negotiate multi-link for single link connections

Specifies whether Multilink negotiation is enabled for a single link connection. If your remote access server supports this feature, you may notice improved audio quality. If you enable this option, you may not be able to connect to other remote access servers.