Use this tab to limit the range of a multicast scope by specifying a Time-to-Live (TTL) limit or a rate limit for traffic sent to the scope.

Dialog box element Description


Lists the available multicast scopes that are configured on the Multicast Scopes tab on the IP Routing/General properties page. A multicast scope is a named range of IP multicast addresses that is defined by an IP address and mask.

Scope Name

Lists the scopes for the multicast traffic that will not be forwarded out this interface.

Activate TTL boundary

Specifies whether the router performs TTL scoping to prevent the forwarding of IP multicast traffic out this interface with a TTL less than a specified value. TTL scoping applies to all multicast packets regardless of the multicast group.

TTL value

The maximum TTL for multicast traffic that is forwarded out this interface.

Rate limit (KBps)

The maximum rate (in kilobytes per second) for all multicast traffic forwarded by this interface.

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