Use this dialog box to configure a static route to an Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) network.

Dialog box element Description


Lists the available local area network (LAN) or demand-dial interfaces. Select the one to be used to forward the IP packet if this route is selected.


Type the destination for the route. The destination can be a host address, subnet address, network address, or the destination for the default route (

Network mask

Type the network mask for the static route. A mask of means that only an exact match of the destination number can use this route. A mask of means that any destination can use this route.


Type the forwarding IPv4 address for the next hop for this route. For LAN interfaces, the gateway address must be configured and must be a directly reachable IP address for the network segment of the selected interface. For demand-dial interfaces, the gateway address is not configured or used.


Type the metric, which is the cost associated with this route to reach the destination. The metric is commonly used to indicate the number of routers (hops) to the destination. When deciding between multiple routes to the same destination, the route with the lowest metric is selected as the best route.

Use this route to initiate demand-dial connections

Select this option to specify that the router initiates a demand-dial connection when this route is selected for packets being forwarded. This check box is only available when a demand-dial interface is selected in Interface.

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