Use this dialog box to configure DHCPv6 relay agent options for a specified interface.

Dialog box element Description

Relay DHCP packets

Specifies whether DHCPv6 messages are relayed between DHCPv6 clients on the subnet to which this interface is attached and DHCPv6 servers.

After you select this check box, you must configure the DHCPv6 server addresses on the DHCPv6 Relay Agent - Properties Page – Servers tab.

Hop-count threshold

Type a value for the maximum number of DHCPv6 relay agents that will handle DHCPv6 relayed traffic. You can also click the arrows to select a new setting. The default value is 4 hops. The maximum value is 16 hops.

Elapsed-time threshold (centi-seconds)

Type the number of centi-seconds that the DHCPv6 relay agent waits before forwarding DHCPv6 messages. You can also click the arrows to select a new value. The default value is 3200 hundredths of a second (32 seconds).

This option is useful when you want a local DHCPv6 server to respond first, but if the local DHCPv6 server does not respond, you want to forward messages to a remote DHCPv6 server.

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