Parameter Details

Location where the revocation list is published (URL or UNC)

Provides a path to the revocation list. You can make the revocation list available by using a Web service that can be accessed by using a URL. When a client computer attempts to open rights-protected content that requires a revocation list, the AD RMS-enabled application first queries the local computer for the revocation list and, if the revocation list is not found or is outdated, the application attempts to connect to the URL that is specified in the template properties.

Refresh interval for revocation list (days)

Provides the number of days that a revocation list is valid. If the revocation list downloaded to the client computer is older than the time that is specified, a new revocation list is downloaded.

File containing public key corresponding to the signed revocation list

Provides both the path of the public key whose corresponding private key is used to sign the revocation list.