New Group Policy template files (ADM files) are available that assist Active Directory administrators in making and distributing settings for Office 2007 by using Group Policy. To download the 2007 Office System Administrative Templates, see

The following files in the Administrative Templates package are extracted to a folder that you choose:

  • Access12.adm

  • Cpao12.adm

  • Excel12.adm

  • Groove12.adm

  • Ic12.adm

  • Inf12.adm

  • Office12.adm

  • Onent12.adm

  • Outlk12.adm

  • Ppt12.adm

  • Proj12.adm

  • Pub12.adm

  • Spd12.adm

  • Visio12.adm

  • Word12.adm

Once the ADM files are imported into Group Policy (at minimum you must have Office12.adm), IRM settings can be found under User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Microsoft Office 2007 System, Manage Restricted Permissions. Configure the Specify Permission Policy Path setting to reflect the local template store on the client computer.