Setting up activity logging

The following procedure describes the process of setting up activity logging for Server for NFS.

To set up logging using the Windows interface
  1. Open Services for Network File System: click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Services for Network File System (NFS).

  2. If necessary, connect to the computer you want to manage.

  3. Right-click Server for NFS, and then click Properties.

  4. Click the Activity Logging tab.

  5. In Server for NFS Events, select the events to log from the following options:

    • Mount and unmount requests

    • Lock and unlock requests

    • Read and write requests

    • Create and delete requests

  6. To save the settings, click Apply.

    • By default, no events are logged. If recording activity logs to a text file, the log file must be on your local computer. To stop logging an event, clear its check box.
    • If you choose to record Server for NFS activities in the event log, the string corresponding to the file name could be truncated due to a system limitation. One solution to this problem is to record activity logs to a text file. On a server cluster, we recommend that you record activities to Event Viewer because its data replicates to all the nodes in the cluster. In this scenario, recording activities to a text file in addition to the event log can help associate complete file names with a particular activity log entry.