This section provides Netsh commands for NAP client configuration (netsh nap client).

NAP client commands

The following sections describe the commands for NAP client configuration.

You can use the commands in the Netsh NAP client context to configure all aspects of NAP clients. The Netsh commands for NAP client provide the same functionality as the NAP Client Management snap-in, and the commands can be run manually at the netsh prompt or in scripts and batch files.

To run these commands from the command prompt, you must either enter the netsh nap client context or prepend this context to the command. For example, if you are at the command prompt, you can enter the Netsh NAP client context by typing netsh and pressing ENTER, then typing nap client and pressing ENTER. Alternatively, you can issue a command by typing:

netsh nap client command

Where command is the command that you want to run, including all of the required parameters for the command.

For more information and a full netsh nap client command reference, see Netsh Commands for NAP Client.

For information on how to interpret netsh command syntax, see Formatting Legend.

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