This tab appears only on a domain-joined computer that runs this version of Windows.

Item Details

User Certificates - Register certificates in Active Directory

Creates an internal user certificate on your computer (if one does not already exist) and registers it in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).

User Certificates - View all registered certificates in Active Directory

Displays a list of all internal and external registered user certificates for your computer.

User Certificates - Remove certificates from Active Directory

Removes the selected registered user certificates from your computer and from AD DS.

If a registered certificate on your computer is removed using another computer, the certificate is removed from AD DS, but will still exist on your computer.

Internal certificate

Renews your internal user certificate.

Internal user certificates verify your identity using your security identifier (SID). These certificates are installed with Message Queuing.

You must renew your internal certificate if the certificate is corrupted. You must also renew your internal certificate if the private key, which is used with the public key stored in the certificate, is corrupted or compromised.