Item Details

Enable hardened MSMQ mode to secure this computer on the Internet. In this mode, only messages sent with HTTP/HTTPS format names will be delivered.

Specifies whether hardened MSMQ mode is enabled.

In this mode, you can send messages to the queues on this computer only by using HTTP/HTTPS format names.

Enable secured remote receiving. In this mode, only computers running Windows Server 2003 or later can receive messages remotely from queues on this computer.

Specifies whether secured remote receiving is enabled.

If you enable this option, your computer will only listen on the new secured remote read interface. It will not listen on the old remote read interface used by Message Queuing running on earlier versions of Windows operating systems.

As a result, only computers running Windows Server 2003 or later can remotely receive messages from queues on your computer. Remote reads from MSMQ 1.0 clients, MSMQ 2.0 clients, and Message Queuing 3.0 clients running on Windows XP computers are not supported.

Disable dependent client support to prevent this computer from acting as a supporting server for dependent clients.

Specifies whether the Message Queuing server is enabled to support dependent clients.

A dependent client relies on its supporting server to perform all messaging functions on its behalf, such as hosting queues, storing messages, sending messages, and receiving messages. If the supporting server goes offline, the dependent client will be unable to send and receive messages.

Disable unauthenticated RPC calls

Specifies whether unauthenticated RPC calls are enabled. Unauthenticated RPC calls can be enabled to support workgroup clients.

Restore Defaults

Allows you to click to restore the default settings.

By default, Message Queuing servers are not enabled to act as supporting servers to dependent clients. Also, hardened MSMQ mode and secured remote receiving are not enabled by default.