Item Details

Group or user names

Lists the users and groups who have permissions assigned to them for this object. The permissions for the highlighted group or user are displayed in the list box. Click Add to add users and groups for which you want to assign permissions. Click Remove to remove the highlighted permission entry. There might be more than one permission entry associated with a user or group.

Permissions for <group or user>

Lists permissions that you can allow or deny for each user or group. To explicitly allow or deny the permission, select or clear the appropriate check box. If a check box is selected, the permission was inherited. If the Advanced button is available, click it to see additional permissions or inheritance information.


When using the Apply to option to control inheritance, not only do the specified objects inherit that access control entry (ACE), but all child objects also receive a copy of that ACE. The child objects that are not specified in the Apply to field receive copies of the ACE, but do not enforce it. If there are enough objects that will get copies of the ACE, the increased amount of data can cause serious performance problems on your network.