This topic provides guidelines for solving problems associated with installing (or uninstalling) Message Queuing.

If you encounter installation problems, always inspect the setup log files first. This is especially important when you perform an unattended setup because you will not know if something went wrong. Specify the location of the log file during unattended setup with the /log parameter of the Windows Optional Component Setup program ocsetup.exe. By default, setup writes information to the CBS.log file which is located in the %WinDir%\Logs\CBS\ folder.


%WinDir% is a placeholder for the location of the Windows directory.

What problem are you having?

I have completed installing this version of Windows, but cannot find Message Queuing.
  • Cause:  Message Queuing is not installed by default during setup of this version of Windows.

  • Solution:  Using Programs in Control Panel, install Message Queuing after Windows® 7 is installed.


    Using Server Manager, install Message Queuing after Windows Server® 2008 R2 is installed.

  • For more information, see Install Message Queuing.

I cannot install Message Queuing, or I receive an "Access is Denied" error.
  • Cause:  To install Message Queuing clients, you must be logged on with local administrative permissions for the computer on which you want to install software.

  • Solution:  Verify that you are logged on with the proper permissions for the computer on which you want to install Message Queuing.

I receive a "Message Queuing application is running" error when uninstalling Message Queuing.
  • Cause:  A Message Queuing application is currently running.

  • Solution:  Close all Message Queuing applications.