These are best practices for MMC 3.0.

Log on as a user without administrative rights

  • While you are logged on with administrative rights, the systems over which you have control can be exposed to attack by malicious users. For more information, see Why you should not run your computer as an administrator.

  • Use the Runas command to open specific tools. For more information, see Using the runas command with MMC.

  • For tools that you use frequently, create shortcuts that use the Runas command. These shortcuts will help you work efficiently without compromising security.

  • When you complete your task, close the tool. This will eliminate an opportunity for a possible system security breach or access by a malicious user.

For more security information, see Local Users and Groups Best Practices.

Follow the security guidelines for the tools that you use

  • Look for security guidelines in the Help that accompanies each tool.

Use the Disk Cleanup feature

  • Per-user preferences for console files are saved in your profile. As these changes accumulate, they consume disk space. To free that disk space, use the Disk Cleanup feature.