MMC 3.0 in Author Mode

You can use MMC in author mode to create new snap-in consoles or modify existing snap-in consoles. To create an administrative tool, you add snap-ins and other items to a snap-in console. You can create additional windows that provide views of the various items that make up a snap-in console. You can also create taskpad views that contain shortcuts to run menu commands from different locations and tools in the snap-in console, as well as run command-line functions. After a snap-in console is saved, you can distribute it to users.


In MMC 3.0, the Action pane replaces taskpad views. The New Taskpad View Wizard is not available for snap-ins created for MMC 3.0, but continues to be supported for older snap-ins.

For instructions about how to modify a snap-in console, see MMC 3.0 How To....

For information about author mode and other MMC access modes, see Snap-in Console Access Modes.