Topic Last Modified: 2007-05-16

Use the Authentication dialog box to select one or more authentication methods for the SMTP virtual server. Windows Server 2008 SMTP Server verifies the user's identity and grants access to the SMTP virtual server by using the configured authentication mechanism. By default, only anonymous access is enabled. The following options are available.

Allow anonymous

Select this option to allow anonymous access to this SMTP virtual server. No user name or password is required.

Basic authentication

Select this option to enable Basic (clear-text) authentication. Basic authentication transmits the password in clear text. We recommend that you require Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption with Basic authentication to prevent compromise of user names and passwords during transmission. If you select Basic authentication, you can also configure the following options:

  • Requires TLS encryption   Select this check box to require encryption of credentials by using TLS.

  • Default domain   Type the domain name that is used as the default domain for Basic authentication. The domain name is appended to the account name.

Integrated Windows Authentication

Select this option to enable the client and the server to negotiate the Windows Security Support Provider Interface. This security feature makes it possible for businesses to provide secure logon services for their customers. Integrated Windows Authentication uses a cryptographic technique for authenticating users and does not require the user to transmit actual passwords over the network.

Note: Using Integrated Windows Authentication requires a mail client that supports this authentication method.