Topic Last Modified: 2007-01-24

Because some settings on the LDAP Routing tab affect other settings, we recommend that you plan before you configure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).


To configure LDAP connections

  1. Determine the schema type to use. For more information, see Selecting a Schema Type.

  2. Determine the level of authentication that is required to bind to the LDAP directory. For more information, see Determining the Authentication Level. If the LDAP server you are connecting to does not require authentication, no account information is necessary.

  3. Determine whether you have to specify a naming context. This may be necessary if the user accounts reside in a subcontainer within the LDAP directory. Specifying a naming context could allow the LDAP directory to return results more quickly and, in some cases, is necessary if there are multiple naming contexts on the LDAP server.