Use the Application Settings feature page to manage a list of key/value pairs that are stored in the web.config file of your application. Application settings can be accessed from anywhere within the application.

Sort the list by clicking one of the feature page column headings or select a value from the Group by drop-down list to group similar items.

UI Element List

The following tables describe the UI elements that are available on the feature page and in the Actions pane.

Feature Page Elements

Element Name Description


Displays the name of the application setting variable.


Displays the value assigned to the application setting variable.

Entry Type

Displays whether the item is local or inherited. Local items are read from the current configuration file, and inherited items are read from a parent configuration file.

Actions Pane Elements

Element Name Description


Opens the Add Application Setting dialog box in which you can add an application setting variable and value.


Opens the Edit Application Setting dialog box in which you can edit the selected application setting.


Removes the item that is selected from the list on the feature page.

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