Use the New Feature Available dialog box to download and install code to support any new IIS Manager features that are available on the server to which you are connecting. After you install a feature, you can use it in IIS Manager on subsequent connections to the same server or to any servers that have that same feature unless a server administrator removes delegation for the feature at a later time.

UI Element List

Element Name Description


Displays the name of each .dll file that is available to download and install on your computer. Select the check box next to each assembly that you want to download and install, and then click OK.


When the publisher of the code cannot be verified as having a valid digital signature, you will be prompted with a security warning before the code is downloaded to your computer. Click Run if you trust the publisher and want to continue with the download, or click Don't Run if you want to cancel the download.


Displays the feature or features that are available with each .dll file.


Displays the size of the .dll file.


Displays the version of the .dll file.

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