Use the Advanced Settings dialog box to manage or change site defaults for individual FTP sites.

UI Element List

Element Name Description

Allow UTF8

Specifies whether UTF8 activity should be allowed (this includes UTF8 file names).

The default is True.


Specifies the combination of IP address, virtual host, and port where FTP should listen for incoming requests.


Specifies the unique ID number for the site. This number is used insteadof directory names for log and trace files.


Specifies a unique name for the site.

Physical Path

Specifies the physical path of the content for the virtual directory.

Start Automatically

Specifies whether to start the site on creation or when you start IIS. Starting a site sets this property to True; stopping a site sets it to False.

The default is True.

Control Channel Timeout

Specifies the time-out (in seconds) when an FTP session is automatically disconnected because of inactivity.

The default is 120.

Data Channel Timeout

Specifies the time-out (in seconds) when the data channel is automatically disconnected because of inactivity.

If you use the default time-outs for both the control and data channel, the data channel is torn down first, and then the session is disconnected if there is still no activity after 120 seconds.

The default is 30.

Disable Socket Pooling

Specifies whether socket pooling is used for sites that are distinguished by IP address instead of port number or host name.

The default is False.

Max Connections

Specifies the maximum number of simultaneous connections to a server.

The default is 4294967295.

Reset On Max Connections

Specifies whether to disconnect the FTP session when sending the maximum connections response.

The default is False.

Server Listen Backlog

Specifies the number of outstanding sockets that can be queued.

The default is 60.

Unauthenticated Timeout

Specifies the time-out (in seconds) between when a new connection is made and when authentication is attempted.

The default is 30.

Allow Reading Files While Uploading

Specifies whether files can be read as they are being transferred to the server.

The default is False.

Allow Replace on Rename

Specifies whether files can overwrite other files when they are renamed.

The default is False.

Keep Partial Uploads

Specifies whether to keep files that have been partially uploaded. (For example, when a file transfer ends prematurely.)

The default is False.


If the client closes the connection gracefully because of a failure, partially uploaded data might be deleted.