Use the Binding and SSL Settings page of the FTP Site Publishing Wizard to set bindings and SSL.

UI Element List

Element Name Description

IP Address

Specifies the IP address for the FTP site. The default value is All Unassigned.


Specifies the port on which the FTP site listens for incoming requests. The default value for FTP is 21.

Enable Virtual Host Names

Specifies whether FTP virtual host names are enabled.


Some FTP clients do not support FTP virtual host names.

Virtual Host

Specifies a virtual host name. This enables you to have multiple FTP sites on a single IP address by using the default port.

Start FTP site automatically

Specifies whether to start the FTP site automatically when the FTP service starts.

SSL Certificate

Specifies the SSL Certificate to use.


This drop-down menu will be blank if no SSL Certificates are installed.


Specifies that SSL will not be used.

Allow SSL

Specifies whether SSL is allowed.

Require SSL

Specifies whether SSL is required. This is the default setting.