Use the CGI properties page to configure Common Gateway Interface (CGI) applications on the Web server. You can set the CGI time-out value for a CGI script, isolate a CGI application in its own console, or configure a CGI application to run at the system level or at the user level.

Use the Display list to select one of the following options that specifies how the settings are displayed: Friendly Names, Configuration Names, or Both Names.

UI Element List

The following tables describe the UI elements that are available on the feature page and in the Actions pane.

Feature Page Elements

Element Name Description

Time-out (hh:mm:ss) [timeout]

Specifies the time-out (in seconds) for CGI applications. The default is 15 minutes (00:15:00).

Use New Console For Each Invocation [createCGIWithNewConsole]

Specifies whether a CGI application runs in its own console. If the value is set to True, each CGI application creates a new console when started. The default value is False.

Impersonate User [createProcessAsUser]

Specifies whether a CGI process is created in the system context or in the context of the requesting user. The default value is True.

Actions Pane Elements

Element Name Description


Saves the changes that you have made on the feature page.


Cancels the changes that you have made on the feature page.

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