Use this dialog to configure the Web site Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) identity for this Web site. The Web site SSL identity consists of an IP address and an SSL port number. Only IP addresses that have been defined on this computer, using Control Panel, appear in the IP Address list box. Only one SSL connection per IP address is allowed.

IP address

Select an IP address from the list box that will is to be associated with the SSL connection to this Web site.

SSL port

Specify the port number used for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, enter the port number in the SSL Port text box. The default port used for SSL is port is 443. You can change the port to any unique port number, but if you change the port number, clients must know in advance to request that port number, or their requests fail to connect to your server.

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To learn more about encrypting data with SSL, naming Web sites, and about how Web site identities are used to route client requests to your Web site, see the IIS 6.0 online documentation on the Microsoft Windows Server TechCenter.