Use this tab to customize HTTP error messages that are sent to clients when Web server errors occur. Administrators can use generic default HTTP 1.1 errors, detailed custom error files that IIS provides, or create their own custom error files.

These values can be set globally for all sites or separately within each site. IIS uses an inheritance model for these settings. If you set or change a setting that conflicts with a setting at another node in the hierarchy, you are prompted to specify the nodes to which this new setting applies.


Click to change the properties of the currently selected custom error message.

Set to Default

Click to configure the currently selected custom error message to use the default HTTP 1.1 error.


To change the settings for multiple errors, press the CTRL or SHIFT key and click the HTTP errors.

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To learn more about custom error messages, see the IIS 6.0 online documentation on the Microsoft Windows Server TechCenter.