The Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is a background file transfer mechanism and queue manager, also known as a drizzle service. BITS throttles file requests to minimize bandwidth consumption and enhance the end-user experience. Enable BITS with IIS to maintain Web server quality of service.

Allow clients to transfer data to this virtual directory

Use to enable uploads from the BITS client into this virtual directory. If not enabled, BITS clients that attempt an upload will be denied access. BITS disables all Script and Execute permissions on a BITS-Upload enabled virtual directory.

Use default settings

Select to use use the default configuration for this virtual directory. If this directory is embedded in another virtual directory and the outer virtual directory defines a custom configuration, then that configuration will be used instead of the defaults.

Customize settings

Select to use the configuration information from this property page. No default or inherited settings will be used.

Maximum file size

Select to set the maximum amount of data that can be uploaded in a single BITS job. If not enabled, an unlimited amount of data is permitted.

Delete incomplete jobs after

Select to delete incomplete uploads if no progress is made for the specified time period. The timeout is checked each time the MSTASK cleanup work item is run. Click Schedule Cleanup to configure the frequency for which the timeout should be checked for this virtual directory.

Enable server farm support

Select to force a client to reconnect using the specified name instead of the name used by the client. This allows clients which are uploading to server farms to continue uploading to the same server that the upload was started with. Uploading to Web farms is not recommended without enabling and configuring this feature.

Reconnect to IP address

Select to specify the public IP to use for reconnecting to this server.

Use original IP address after

After receiving an error, clients will continue attempting to reconnect to the server using the Reconnect to IP address name until this timeout is exceeded. After the timeout is exceeded, clients fall back to the original name.

Allow notifications

Use to enable notifications for this virtual directory. The Notification type and Notification URL settings are required if this setting is enabled.

Notification type

Use to configure the type of notification to perform after the job is uploaded.

Notification URL

If the Notification type is Send the data or Send the file name, this URL indicates where the uploaded file will be posted. The URL may be absolute or self-relative. If the URL is self-relative, then the original request URL is used as the base.

Schedule Cleanup

This setting configures the frequency for which BITS Extensions should scan this virtual directory for incomplete files. If an incomplete upload is found, the file is checked against the timeout value. If progress has not been made on this file for longer than the timeout period, the upload is automatically cancelled. This setting is not affected by inheritance and applies only to this virtual directory.

Run Cleanup Now

Select to start a check for files which have had no progress since the timeout period. To remove all incomplete files for this virtual directory, set the timeout value to 0 before running the cleanup.