Use this tab to change settings for the applications running in a single process. You can use this tab to change settings for two types of processes: the Web server process and the isolated application processes. Options set for the Web site affect all applications running in the Web server process. Options set for an isolated application affect only that application.

Write unsuccessful client requests to event log

Select to configure IIS so that the Web server writes unsuccessful client requests to the Windows Event Log.

Enable debug exception catching

Select to configure IIS so that ASP sends a general error message when it cannot create an instance of an object provided by a COM component (a call to Server.CreateObject). When this option is not selected, ASP passes on the specific error message from the component. Do not select this option when you are debugging a component. When you have finished debugging, select the option again.

CGI script timeout

Set or change the timeout value, which is the amount of time a CGI script is given to execute and return a value before the operation is stopped. You can set application configuration properties at the Web site, virtual directory, or directory level.

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