After connecting to the computer that you want to back up or restore, use this dialog box to save configuration settings for all Web sites, FTP sites, virtual directories, directories, and files that you administer on your computer. (You must first connect to the computer that you want to back up or restore.) Most configuration settings are stored in the metabase, but some are stored in the registry. This utility backs up only the configuration settings of the metabase.

Previous Backups

The Backups list box lists all configuration backups, their version numbers, and the date and time the backups were created. You must supply the name when a backup file is created.

Restoring the Metabase Configuration Settings

To return to a previous configuration state of the metabase, click a backup version, and then click Restore. IIS stops all services, overwrites all current configuration settings from the backup file, and then restarts all IIS services. Completion time is dependent on the size of the metabase.


This is a list of all backups available for the currently selected computer, including version number (#) and the creation date and time.

Create backup

Click to create a backup of the current metabase configuration settings after you supply a name for the backup version.


Click to replace the configuration settings in the current metabase with the settings of the currently selected version.


Click to delete the currently selected backup file and remove the name from this list.

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To learn more about the role and structure of the metabase, and about the role of the registry, see the IIS 6.0 online documentation on the Microsoft Windows Server TechCenter.