With Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0, you can import and export the configuration of your FTP sites, Web application pools, and Web sites. Before you can import a configuration file, you must export a configuration file from an existing FTP site, Web application pool, or Web site. Exporting a configuration file in IIS Manager is called Save Configuration to a File. The exported configuration is stored as a metabase XML configuration file. After you have exported the configuration file, you can then import that file into a different location on the same Web server or to a different Web server.

Exporting and importing sites and application pools as configuration files allows administrators to quickly migrate sites and application pools between servers. This feature also allows administrators to import Web applications when the developer has stored the application in a configuration file.


Type the full path to the configuration file.


Click to locate the configuration file.

Read File

Click to populate the Select a configuration to import list box with all configurations contained in the currently selected configuration file.

Select a configuration to import

One metabase XML configuration file can contain several configurations. After you click Read File, this list box is automatically populated with all configurations contained in the currently selected XML configuration file. Click a configuration in this list and then click OK to import the configuration.

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