Use this tab to configure your Web server's content rating features for a particular Web site, directory, or file.

Your Web server's Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) system uses a rating system developed by the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA), which rates content according to levels of violence, nudity, sex, and offensive language. For more information about ICRA, see

Enable ratings for this content

Select to set the rating levels on this Web site for each of the listed categories.


Adjust the Rating slider bar for each category to the appropriate level for this content.

E-mail address of person rating this content

Type an e-mail address in the text box to identify the person rating this content.

Expire on

Select an expiration date to control the duration of the rating. After this date, no rating is associated with the content.

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To learn more about content ratings, see the IIS 6.0 online documentation on the Microsoft Windows Server TechCenter.