To link a WMI filter to a Group Policy object
  1. In the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) console tree, double-click Group Policy Objects in the forest and domain containing the Group Policy object (GPO) to which you want to link a WMI filter.

  2. Click the GPO.

  3. In the results pane, on the Scope tab, under WMI Filtering, select a WMI filter from the drop-down list.

  4. When prompted to confirm the selection, click Yes.

Additional considerations

  • To link a WMI filter to a GPO, you must have Edit permissions on the GPO.

  • Only one WMI filter can be linked to a GPO, and you can only link a WMI filter to a GPO in the same domain.

  • WMI Filters and WMI Filtering on the Scope tab for GPOs are available only if at least one domain controller in the domain is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

Additional references