You configure Regional Options just as you would in Regional and Language Options in Control Panel. Select the User Locale on the Regional Options tab. This selection resets the values on the remaining tabs; however, you can then modify the remaining values.


Unlike other preference extensions, you can only update Regional Options preference items. For this reason, the preference item does not provide a choice of actions.

Creating a Regional Options item

To create a new Regional Options preference item
  1. Open the Group Policy Management Console. Right-click the Group Policy object (GPO) that should contain the new preference item, and then click Edit.

  2. In the console tree under User Configuration, expand the Preferences folder, and then expand the Control Panel Settings folder.

  3. Right-click the Regional Options node, point to New, and select Regional Options.

  4. In the New Regional Options Properties dialog box, enter regional options settings for Group Policy to configure or remove. (For more information, see Enable and Disable Settings in a Preference Item.)

  5. Click the Common tab, configure any options, and then type your comments in the Description box. (For more information, see Configure Common Options.)

  6. Click OK. The new preference item appears in the details pane.

Additional considerations

  • Settings that are unavailable cannot be enabled or disabled. You cannot configure these settings using a Regional Options preference item.

  • You can use item-level targeting to change the scope of preference items.

  • Preference items are available only in domain-based GPOs.

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