To generate a set of reports on a regular schedule, you schedule a report task. You use the Storage Reports Task Properties dialog box to specify which reports to generate and what parameters to use, which volumes and folders to report on, how often to generate the reports, which file formats to save them in, and whether to deliver the reports by e-mail.

You can also generate one or more storage reports on demand by using the Generate Reports Now action. You use the Storage Reports Task Properties dialog box to select and configure report settings and delivery options for on-demand reports.


Scheduling options on the Schedule tab are not available for on-demand reports.

Settings tab

Item Details

Select volumes and folders to report on

Lists the volumes or folders that define the scope of the report task. Click Add to add a volume or folder or Remove to remove one.

Select reports to generate

Lists the available reports to generate.

Edit Parameters

Opens the Report Parameters dialog box, which you can use to select report parameters.

Review Selected Reports

Opens the Review Selected Reports dialog box, which summarizes the parameters and values for the selected reports.

Report formats

Specifies one or more output formats for the selected reports.

Delivery tab

Item Details

Send reports to the following administrators

Specifies whether to send reports through e-mail after they are generated. Enter the e-mail addresses of the administrators who should receive the reports.

Schedule tab

Item Details

Reports are scheduled for the following times

Summarizes the times that the report task is scheduled to run. To create a new schedule, click Create Schedule, which opens the Schedule dialog box. To edit a schedule, click Edit Schedule.