Quotas let you limit the space allowed for a volume or folder and generate notifications when the quota limits are approached or exceeded. You can view or edit the properties of a quota in the Quota Properties dialog box.


Item Details

Copy properties from quota template (optional)

Specifies that the properties of the quota are copied from an existing quota template selected from the list box. Click Copy to copy all properties from the selected quota template.

Quota path

Displays the quota path.

Label (optional)

Provides a text box for you to type the quota label.


Provides a text box for you to type the size of the quota. The list box lists available units that you can select for the quota (KB, MB, GB, TB).

Hard quota

Specifies that users will not be allowed to exceed the quota limit.

Soft quota

Specifies that users will be allowed to exceed the quota limit, but configured notifications will be generated when they do.

Notification thresholds

Summarizes notifications that will be generated when usage reaches predefined levels.


Opens the Add Threshold dialog box to configure a new notification threshold.


Opens the Threshold Properties dialog box and displays the properties of the selected notification threshold.


Removes the selected notification threshold.

Disable quota

Specifies that the quota is not enforced and notifications are not generated. Clear the check box to enable the quota.