You can use Fax Service Manager to create groups of one or more fax devices, and then associate outgoing rules with these groups. For example, you can designate certain fax devices to send faxes to only specific destinations. When you create a new group, it will not become active until you add a fax device to it. Groups that do not contain devices display a mark over the group folder icon. By default, there is a group, All devices, that cannot be deleted. You can add or remove groups, or devices from groups, at any time. A device can also belong to one or more groups simultaneously.

Outgoing faxes are routed to groups according to the outgoing routing rules. Fax Service Manager notes the destination of the fax, routes it to the appropriate group, and accesses the first available device in that group for transmission.

To create or delete a fax device group
  1. Open Fax Service Manager.

  2. In the left pane, double-click Outgoing Routing, right-click Groups, point to New, and then click Group.

  3. In the Add New Group dialog box, type a group name.

  4. Later, to delete the group, right-click the group name, and then click Delete.

Additional considerations

  • To configure fax components, you must be a member of the Administrators group or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority.

  • To open Fax Service Manager, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Fax Service Manager.

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