You can open and view a log that has been archived using Event Viewer. You can open multiple saved logs and access them at anytime in the console tree. A log that has been opened in Event Viewer can be closed without deleting the information in the log.

To open a saved event log
  1. Start Event Viewer.

  2. In the Actions menu, click Open Saved Log.

  3. In the Look in box, select the folder where the log file is located.

  4. Select the log file, and then click Open.

  5. (Optional) In the Name box, enter a new name that will be used for the log in the console tree or you can use the existing name of the log file.


    If you enter a name that is different than the log file name, the name is only used to represent the log in the console tree and does not change the name of the log file.

  6. (Optional) In the Description box, enter a description for the log. The description will appear in the center pane when you click the parent folder of the log in the console tree.

  7. (Optional) Click New Folder, enter the name for the folder where the opened log will be located, and then click OK. If you do not select a parent folder, the new folder will be located in Saved Logs.

  8. (Optional) If you are an administrator on the computer, you can click to clear the All Users checkbox if you do not want the opened log to be available to other users when Event Viewer is started. If you do not clear the checkbox, the opened log will be available to all users and they will not be able to remove it from the console tree unless they have administrator rights.

  9. Select the location where you want the log to be located in the console tree. You must place the log in the Saved Logs folder or a new folder under the Saved Logs folder.

  10. Click OK.

You can close a log by deleting the log from the console tree.


When you delete the log, you are only removing it from the console tree; you are not deleting the log file from the system.

To remove an open log from the console tree
  1. Start Event Viewer if it is not already running.

  2. Select the log that you want to remove from the console tree.

  3. In the Actions menu, click Delete. You can also right-click the log in the console tree and then click Delete, or you can click the log in the console tree and press the Delete key.

  4. Click Yes.

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