Changes to connection object properties have no effect unless you own the connection object. You establish ownership of a connection object when you create a connection object manually or take ownership of an automatic connection object. You do not have to manage connection objects unless you are creating a replication topology manually.

Item Details


Provides the list of available network protocols for this connection to use.

Use IP for most replication scenarios. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is available only for uncommon topologies that are not capable of IP replication.

Change Schedule or View Schedule

This schedule applies to intrasite connection objects and manually created intersite connection objects.

For a manually created intersite connection object, click to view or specify how often replication occurs over this connection. Automatically generated intersite connection objects derive their schedule from the site link object.

For an intrasite connection object, replication occurs in response to changes. However, automatically generated intrasite connection objects also have a default schedule of 1 hour to ensure that replication occurs if notification mechanisms fail. Automatically generated intrasite connection objects derive their schedule from the NTDS Site Settings object schedule.


Click to select an alternative domain controller as the source replication partner from which directory information is replicated over this connection.

Replicated Naming Context(s)

The directory partitions that this domain controller has in common with its source replication partner in Server and for which this domain controller receives updates.

Partially Replicated Naming Context(s)

If this server is a global catalog server, updates to these read-only directory partitions are replicated over this connection.

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